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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

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3 ultrasonic transducers with 180W total power combine with 200W of heating power to easily sanitize valuables and small items. The latest technologies provide advanced cavitation, rust removal, and more.

THICKENED COMMERCIAL TANK: The heavy-duty 1.1mm stainless steel tank with 6L (1.6 Gal) volume easily endures years of heavy use. The integrated 11.8” x 6” x 6” cleaning basket keeps your gold and silver rings, jewelry, watches, glasses, gun parts, razors, carburetors, dentures, and retainers in place.

CONVENIENT SETTINGS: Use 104-140. (40-60?) cleaning temperature range for optimal sanitation performance. Pre-set cleaning time options (1-30 minutes) provide a user-friendly experience. Performs best on small objects with flat surfaces and small holes, grooves, etc.

DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL: Easily monitor the machine’s cleaning process through the LCD display with intuitive touch-button controls for the timer and temperature. Lower frequencies lead to better cleaning results but cause louder noises.

1-YEAR WARRANTY: Free exchange if the item is defective. A dual-fuse protection system prevents burn-out: always check the fuse in the rare event of lost power. Turning the cleaner on or off frequently is NOT recommended.

SPECIFICATIONS:- Ultrasonic Cleaner

Frequency: 40kHz
Ultrasonic Power: 180W
Heating Power: 200W
Duration Control: 0-30min
Size of Cleaning Tank: 11.8″×5.9″×5.9″
Material : SUS304 Stainless Steel
Power Supply: AC100-120V/60Hz
Net Weight : 18.7 lb
Temperature Setting : 104-140F (40-60C)

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