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Erkoform 3D motion

Erkoform 3D motion is a vacuum-based thermoforming machine with motorized movement for automatic pressing to make in-house appliances. A large volume reserve vacuum is generated for rapid-forming and accurate adaptation. The unit incorporates an infrared temperature sensor for touch-free surface measurement ensuring the accurate temperature of the material for the thermoforming regardless of the ambient temperature. The unit is equipped with medium-wave infrared heating, which doesn’t need preheating time. The medium-wave allows for the materials to heat up not only on the surface but also in-depth resulting in a less stressed splint. Once the model is positioned and the heating cycle is initiated the 3D Motion can be left to automatically complete the entire thermoforming process.

Erkoform 3D+

Erkoform 3D+ is a vacuum-based thermoforming machine to make in-house appliances like Erkodent 3D motion without motorized movement.


Occluform-3 is an occluder that can be integrated with a thermoforming unit to imprint the opposing bite and can be installed on the Erkoform units series 3. The construction of the Occluform-3 unit is based on a Bonwill triangle with a side length of 11.5 cm and a Balkwill angle of 20°.

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