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Smile Creator Software

Smile Creator Software

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Design aesthetic mockups and guides for the creation of prostheses for edentulous patients.

2D Smile

Maestro 3D's innovative smile design solution for aesthetic and predictable smile makeovers. The 2D simulation can be performed by the dentist and used as a treatment preview for easy communication with the patient. Create a new smile by simply modifying the 2D tooth shapes. 

2D photographic alignment

2D Alignment of Patient Photos. This feature allows you to use photos of different sizes and orientations, simplifying the alignment and overlay process intuitively and precisely.

3D Alignment

3D Alignment enables the precise overlay and alignment of the 3D scanned model with the patient's photograph, requiring only 2 reference points for accurate correction.

Digital Mockup

The software assists dental technicians and doctors in creating highly aesthetic restorative treatments based on the patient's desired smile. It also allows for the integration of photo previews with virtual teeth placement, enabling the visualization of the final result directly on the patient's face. This tool ensures predictable outcomes and enhances communication between dental technicians, doctors, and patients.

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