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Erkodur Aligner Sheets

Erkodur Aligner Sheets

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Field of use: Erkodur Aligner Sheets

Occlusal splints, bruxism splints, stabilization splints, orthodontic retainers, miniplast splints, dressing plates, implant guides, or other molded appliances. Also, see the Thermoforming technique manual and material card.

Material properties:

Erkodur is a clear transparent PET-G thermoplastic. The Material is abrasion-resistant to the greatest possible extent with excellent properties concerning breaking resistance, elasticity, and stability. Erkodur belongs to the polyester group and is therefore not hygroscopic reactive (no predrying necessary ). The material is highly biocompatible.

(see Thermoforming technique manual) Finishing set Quick 2 (110 877), the high polish can be obtained with polishes for plastic. The spacer foil is taken off only after thermoforming and finishing. If adding acrylic moisten the area that has to be adjusted with a little monomer first.

Place the foil so that the spacer/insulating foil is facing the model. For machines without control: Test the softness of foil with an instrument. If permanent impressions result, thermoform.

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