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Erkopress 240

Erkopress 240

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Print form device with automated thermoforming process for up to 6 models with base and up to 9 models without base. For connection to the existing compressed air system. Operates at an overpressure of up to 4.5 bar and is therefore also suitable for moulding 3D print models. The available thermoforming foils are stored in the program and can be called up on the display with the respective parameters.

  • Fully automated thermoforming process;
  • Efficient thermoforming of corrective splints, aligners or other splints in larger quantities.
Technical data:
  • 34.5 x 59.0 x 40.0 cm; 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz; power max. 1100 W; medium-wave infrared radiator, 1000 W; infrared temperature sensor measuring range up to 240 °C; working pressure 4.5 bar; mains pressure > 6 bar; noise level < 80 dB(A); usable thermoforming foils ø 240 mm, thickness max. 2.0 mm; 47 kg.
Delivery includes:
  • Erkopress 240 complete with mains cable; foil clamping ring; foil holder; moulding pot with model disc support cross; 2 model discs; tube connection; brush as input pen and test foils.
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