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Zendura FLX Aligner Sheets

Zendura FLX Aligner Sheets

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What’s Zendura FLX All About?

● Provide firm but gentle teeth movement force continually over 7-14 day wear period, as prescribed.

● Be comfortable to wear, as well as easy to insert and remove.

● Appear transparent and remain transparent throughout the full course of use.


A New Generation Material

Our original Zendura A material meets these important performance objectives … but we’re always aiming for improvement. Could there be a material flexible enough to reduce the initial aligner insertion force required to insert an aligner, increasing patient comfort, and also provide significantly better teeth movement force throughout an aligner stage? Could the material resist deformation and also be highly stain resistant? Could a material do that while being as tough, effective and safe as Zendura A?

An extensive research and development program showed that no single material could deliver this leap in performance and durability. So, we found a way to combine high-performance materials using a dual-shell structure.

A Unique Trilayer Structure

Zendura FLX combines an elastomeric inner core to provide flexibility and elasticity with a hard outer shell to increase elasticity and firmly grip the teeth.

The tough outer shell precisely hugs the teeth, helping to affect the desired tooth movements like rotation and extrusion and intrusion. It also provides a tough barrier to protect against grinding (and bruxing) from the opposing dental arch.

The inner core’s ability to provide exceptional elastic rebound is the real magic of Zendura FLX.

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