3Shape Trios Intra Oral Scanner

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3Shape offers a wide range of intra oral scanners, wired, wireless and options of pod & move trolley. Trios is flexible to the customer’s requirements. With its award winning design and insane scan speed enhance the digital impression experience of your patients.

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Choose between 3Shape Trios 3 wired basic | Trios 3 wired | Trios 3 wireless | Trios 4 wireless | Trios 5 wireless in pod or move configuration to suit your need.

3Shape Trios 3 wired basic

The Trios 3 wired basic is the budget scanner that maintains the same award-winning scanning technology as the TRIOS 3/4/5 available in the wired, pen grip pod setup with AI scanning technology, realistic shade measurement, patient specific motion and model maker.

3Shape Trios 3

To further enhance your patient experience choose the Trios 3 available in wired/wireless, pen grip pod/move setup which includes Trios Patient Excitement Apps like Trios Patient Monitoring, Trios Treatment Simulator, and Trios Smile Design. These apps are intended to help professionals go beyond scanning and do much more with their digital impressions.

3Shape Trios 4

Enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning with Trios 4. Two-in-one scanning combines the freedom of wireless dentistry with the reassurance of a cord. All with the convenience of a scanner that keeps on going thanks to a leap in battery time.

For preventative care, you need preventative insights. TRIOS 4 gives you these insights by using a combination of two light sources. LED light captures color and surface, and fluorescent light illustrates bacteria. Combining those two in one scan shows you and your patient where caries are developing, so you can engage in dialogue about preventing further problems.

Trios 4 features a smart tip with Instant heat technology, ensuring the mirror inside the tip heats quickly, and no fog (caused by the patient’s breath) will compromise your scan accuracy. The smart tip comes with a built-in counter that counts the number of times the tip has been autoclaved.

3Shape Trios 5

Trios 5 wireless is an intra-oral scanner designed for an effortless scanning experience and next-level ergonomics. It is 20% smaller, 30% lighter than its predecessors, and designed to fit perfectly in every hand. Trios 5 comes with a Scan Assist engine for perfect scan results increasing accuracy and reducing human error Its intelligent alignment technology for building up a 3D model results in precision scans, effortlessly and efficiently every time.

Trios 5 has an all-day battery life (up to 33 patients with 1 battery) and sleep mode giving the user the ease of using Trios wireless scanning technology with peace of mind in a busy clinic schedule. Trios 5 has increased user convenience by being calibration-free, an LED ring to indicate readiness haptic feedback, and a remote control button to operate the complete software using the scanner.

Trios 5 also comes with TRIOS Share offering the ultimate connectivity by connecting the scanner with the local wifi and in turn making it easy to jump from one operatory to another and start to scan seamlessly.