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Playsafe Triple

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Playsafe Triple

From: 12,500.00

Special triple layered mouthguards prescribed for professional athletes
available in 5.5mm thickness in 120mm / 125mm diameter

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Laboratory-made PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer the highest level of protection during athletic activity. When worn properly, they can prevent dental trauma, such as fractured teeth. They are also indicated for patients with an orthodontic situation, such as braces, who must wear a mouthguard for preventive measures.

Playsafe triple is triple layered sports mouth guard of mm thickness sheet with a hard sheet sandwiched between two soft EVA sheet for optimal protection and durability. It is a protective laminated sports mouthguard in comparison to single-layered mouthguard.

The fabrication of playsafe is much easier than regular laminated sports mouthguards. A Playsafe triple can be fabricated in about the same time as a single-layered sports-mouthguard with the advantage of at least the same protective effect at smaller proportions than the laminated top version Playsafe heavy-pro.

Thermoform once and imprint the articulation surface in a specific way, allow to cool off, if desired add a label. The surface that allows movement for the athlete automatically shows a lateral stop (buccal shield) by the imprinting. This can absorb lateral impacts. A Playsafe triple sports-mouthguard is always fabricated for the upper jaw. It covers as most of the vestibule and ends palatal about 1 mm in the gingival area.

Specifications: Playsafe Triple

  1. Indications:
    The PlaySafe Sports Mouthguard is made to protect the teeth from trauma. PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards can be fabricated for the upper or the lower arch.
  2. Material Composition:
    The mouthguards range from one to three layers of laminated ethylvinylacetate material with a final occlusal thickness between 3 mm and 5 mm.
  3. Available Colors:
    Pure White, Bright Yellow, Gold, Bright Green, Deep Green, Silver, Light Blue, Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Bright Pink, Bright Red, Deep Red, Maroon, Deep Black, Red, White & Blue, Lilac*, Tangerine, Yolk Yellow*, Camouflage, Camouflage Strip, Lava, Lava Strip, Tie-Dye, Rainbow, Confetti, Zebra, Gold Flakes, Silver Flakes, Sports, Ants.

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