Playsafe Triple Light

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Triple layered sports guard available in 4.1mm thickness in 120mm / 125mm diameter

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Playsafe triple light is triple layered sports mouth guard of 4.1mm thickness sheet with a hard sheet sandwiched between two soft EVA sheet for optimal protection and durability. It is a protective laminated sports mouthguard in comparison to single-layered mouthguard. The fabrication of playsafe is much easier than regular laminated sports mouthguards. A Playsafe triple can be fabricated in about the same time as a single-layered sports-mouthguard with the advantage of at least the same protective effect at smaller proportions than the laminated top version Playsafe heavy-pro. Thermoform once and imprint the articulation surface in a specific way, allow to cool off, if desired add a label. The surface that allows movement for the athlete automatically shows a lateral stop (buccal shield) by the imprinting. This can absorb lateral impacts. A Playsafe triple sports-mouthguard is always fabricated for the upper jaw. It covers as most of the vestibule and ends palatal about 1 mm in the gingival area.

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