Trios 3

A great scan is just the beginning

In the world of dentistry, precision and accuracy are paramount. That's why the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner has become a game-changer for dental professionals around the globe. This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled imaging capabilities, making it a must-have tool for any modern dental practice.

What sets the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner apart?

With an impressive accuracy rate of up to 20 microns, the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner delivers incredibly detailed 3D images of the oral cavity. This level of precision allows dentists to capture even the smallest details, ensuring optimal treatment planning and execution.

How does the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner improve patient experience?

By eliminating the need for messy traditional impressions, the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner offers patients a more comfortable and efficient dental visit. The quick and painless scanning process reduces chair time, leading to a more positive overall experience for patients.

What are the benefits for dental professionals?

Not only does the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner enhance the patient experience, but it also streamlines workflow for dental professionals. The scanner integrates seamlessly with CAD/CAM systems, allowing for efficient design and production of restorations. This results in faster turnaround times and increased productivity for the practice.

Furthermore, the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner is incredibly user-friendly, with intuitive software that simplifies the scanning process. This ease of use makes it accessible to all members of the dental team, ensuring smooth integration into daily practice.

Why choose the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner?

With its unmatched precision, improved patient experience, and enhanced workflow efficiency, the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner is truly in a league of its own. Dental professionals who invest in this innovative technology can expect superior results, increased patient satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the industry.

Experience the future of dental imaging with the Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner – the ultimate tool for precision, efficiency, and excellence in modern dentistry.



Trusted by tens of thousands
Trusted, loved and award-winning. TRIOS 3 is a reliable, AI-driven tool that makes it a breeze to create accurate scans, in realistic colors, and send them off to the lab of your choice. Just like that!
Inspire your patients
This dental scanner comes with free engagement apps. There are so many new ways to engage with your patients, add weight to your treatment proposals and gain – even better – case acceptance.

Simplified pod

30% lighter. 10% smaller. Fewer cables.

The improved TRIOS 3 pod takes up less of your precious workspace. It has fewer cables, for a lot less fuss. And the LED indicator light lets you know when it’s connected and ready to go!


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